Gardening with your gut instincts... growing your own edible resilience... why money can't buy 'the good life'... unpicking media delusions about peat use... kicking our addiction to oil in our gardens... the compelling power of asking questions. In this diverse, insightful and engaging collection of essays exploring gardening's place in nature, John Walker exposes illusions, debunks myths and wipes away greenwash, rallying us to challenge and change the over-consuming, nature-indifferent approach to 'gardening as usual'. This fourth and final book of John's earth-friendly garden writing, originally published in Kitchen Garden magazine as his popular and long-running series 'Digging Deep', includes 'Kicking the habit', which won the Garden Media Guild Environmental Award in 2010. John Walker has been growing plants since he could walk, holds the Kew Diploma in Horticulture, and is an award-winning gardening and environment author, writer, blogger and micropublisher. Despite occasional squirrel-fuelled frustration, he is enjoying eking a new earth- and climate-friendly garden from a once bracken-riddled hillside at his home in Snowdonia, North Wales.