I Am an Empath is an empathy guide on managing emotional anxiety, coping with being over emotional and using intuition to benefit from this sensitivity in your everyday life - the problems highly sensitive people normally face. Through recongnizing how to control emotions you have the potential to make the most of being in tune with your emotions and understanding the feelings of people around you. This book is different from others of its kind because it gathers information from various perspectives in order to provide a comprehensive look at empathy as a spectrum of experience; rather than a sensitive person personality trait that one simply has or does not have.I Am an Empath is for anyone in search of ways to turn emotional sensitivity into strength of intuition that is applicable in any setting. It will benefit empaths and sensitives who already find themselves to be empathically aware, as well as individuals looking to develop a more empathetic lifestyle.In this book, you will find information on: Empathy Traits of Empathic IndividualsEmpaths and Sensitives: Understanding Empathy, Having Empathic Tendencies, and Identifying as an EmpathPersonality Type as an Empathy IndicatorBenefits and Challenges of Being EmpathicEmpathetic Self-ProtectionStress and Anxiety Reduction Strategies: Energy HealingHow to Balance Empathy Level of Sensitive PeopleDeveloping an Empathic PracticeHow to Deal with Narcissistic IndividualsIf you're ready to unlock the possibilities of your empathic experience, learn to manage stress and anxiety, navigate personal relationships, and balance your emotional sensitivity, then purchase I Am an Empath.Begin your journey to a fulfilling life of awareness and support today!