5 Star Review: -I was looking for some holistic cures for cancer...This book kept me pulled in and wanting to learn and know more about the Magnet therapy and how the process works. Great book! A must read!-5 Star Review: -This book was the answer to my curiosity and helped me get rid of fears by understanding how this natural therapy works as it relates to my body. This was the perfect gift!-What can Biomagnetism Cure? If you weren't born with it, everything!Do you want to ease off medications? Reduce your pain level? Feel more energy? Help your body fight off infections and other diseases? In other words, do you want to prevent, improve or be cured? Then this book is for you.Biomagnetism is the perfect, powerful, precise and effective solution that every family needs in their life even when dealing with supposed incurable disease, accidents, traumas or poisoning. Even though some health conditions may be irreversible, optimal quality of life can still be obtained.In this book, Medical Biomagnetic Pair practitioner and author Moses Durazo shares his extensive first-hand knowledge about this life saving therapy. This book covers: What causes illness, pain and sufferingThe science behind this treatmentThe types of problems it helps prevent, improve and cure, and moreThe basic questions for any new patient or person interested in learning more 5 Star Review:-I searched the internet looking for a holistic book that could help with my high blood pressure and low energy. I stumbled across Dr. Durazo, Magnets, and I was really impressed with the methods in this book. I decided to actually go for a session and the results are amazing, my blood pressure dropped tremendously and my energy levels are high and I'm back exercising daily. This is a wonderful book, it's easy to read and flows well. If your looking for a holistic alternative and tired of taking medications, I highly recommend, Magnets.-No matter what your diet or area of the country you live in, no matter who your doctor is or what your family medical history is — now is the time to pick up this book and see how you can enhance and make the most out of your life!