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Jojo and the Big Mess
For use in schools and libraries only. JoJo adores making messes, but when her pillow fight gets too messy, Daddy is unhappy. After she cleans up, JoJo thinks of the perfect girft for Daddy -- it's the best mess of all! ...


Little Lizard's New Bike
Gary the lizard goes with his parents to buy a new bike.


Jockey Girl
CCBC's Best Books for Kids & Teens (Fall 2016) -- Commended 2016 VOYA Top Shelf Fiction Selection A teen girl's quest to find her mother leads her to the big city, and gives her the courage to fulfill her dream of...


The Big Wet Balloon/El Globo Grande y Mojado
When her little sister, Clemmie, refuses to go out in the rain, Matilda sets out to teach her all the delights of a wet Saturday. But after her enthusiasm leads her to make a big mistake, it's Matilda who will end up...


Owen's parents try to get him to give up his favorite blanket before he starts school, but when their efforts fail, they come up with a solution that makes everyone happy.


Recycle Every Day
Minna, a creative bunny, wants to win the Community Recycling Calendar Contest. She knows a lot about recycling but just can't come up with the perfect idea for her poster. Minna's family helps her find inspiration as...


Adventures in the Middle Ages
Join the Binkertons -- twins Josh and Emma and their pesky little sister Libby -- as they visit the Good Times Travel Agency for a trip unlike any other -- to medieval times. The trio quickly discover that medieval life...


The Riverbank Otter
Meet animal lover, Tiger Days! A brand-new young fiction series about animals, friendship and adventure by bestselling author Sarah Lean. Beautiful black-and-white illustrations throughout. When nine-year-old...


Rabble Starkey
This beautifully written novel tells the story of 12-year-old Rabble, who lives with her mother and her best friend's family in a small Appalachian town."In this vigorous story [Lowry] shows the full dimensions of her...


Esto Es el Colmo
Another beloved installment in the best-selling series. Let's face it: Greg Heffley will never change his wimpy ways. Somebody just needs to explain that to Greg's father. You see, Frank Heffley actually thinks he can...


Lulu Bell and the Sea Turtle
Lulu Bell is off on the adventure of a lifetime! Lulu and her family are setting off on an adventure a long way from home. Mum has been invited to visit an Aboriginal community to choose paintings for an art exhibition. Lulu,...


Gertie's Leap to Greatness
"Meet the new Ramona Quimby!" --Entertainment WeeklyIn this hilarious and heartfelt middle grade debut, Gertie is a girl on a mission to be the best fifth grader ever in order to show her estranged mother that Gertie...


Home at Last
Ben decides he wants his own pony in this eighth book of a chapter book series inspired by Marguerite Henry's Misty of Chincoteague. Even though Ben is allowed to ride and groom his sister's pony, Starbuck, everyone...


Digger y Daisy Van al Zoologico
Meet Digger and Daisy! They are brother and sister. These dogs like to explore their world and see new things. Sometimes they agree with each other. Sometimes they disagree. But no matter the situation, one thing always stays...


Monkey Me and the Pet Show
When Clyde gets excited, he brings a whole new meaning to "monkeying around!" This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line called Branches, which is aimed at newly independent readers. With...


I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato
The critically acclaimed Charlie and Lola books -- now an animated series on television! Lola is a fussy eater. A very fussy eater. She won t eat her carrots (until her brother Charlie reveals that they re orange twiglets from...


Football Shorts
Big match writing from the best in the game...Billy's telling tall stories about his "famous" grandfather, Raphael suspects his coach of murder, Tom and Jerry surprise a talent scout and Katy gets picked to play...


The Getaway (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 12)
Greg Heffley and his family are getting out of town. With the cold weather and the stress of the approaching holiday season, the Heffleys decide to escape to a tropical island resort for some much-needed rest and relaxation. A...


But What If? A Book About Feeling Worried
Daisy is moving to a new house and a new school. She is worried. What if she doesn't like her new neighbours or teacher? What if her cat runs away? Can Grandpa help her feel less worried? This series introduces young...


MIA Mera Me Ton Ilio


Harry and Hope
Some friendships are meant to be... A story about family, friendship and belonging, from bestselling author, Sarah Lean.Hope lives with her artist mum in the Pyrenees. It's always been just the two of them... until Frank -...


Meet the Dullards
In the tradition of The Stupids, Meet the Dullards is a clever and irreverent picture book about a comically boring family, from bestselling author Sara Pennypacker and illustrator Daniel Salmieri.Their home is boring. Their...


Biscuit and the Baby
Biscuit wants to meet the new baby. But the baby is sleeping, and Biscuit must be patient-and quiet! It's not easy having to wait, but at last the curious puppy gets to meet the baby, and make a brand new friend!Ages 2 - 6...


Henry Huggins' dog, Ribsy, is hopelessly lost in a huge shopping mall parking lot. It's raining hard, the pavement is slick, horns are honking, and drivers are shouting. When Ribsy thinks he has found the...


Fancy Nancy at the Museum
Nancy's class is going on a trip to the museum. Even after a bumpy bus ride, Nancy finds a way to make the day extra-fancy!


Wendy Quill is Full Up of Wrong
It is very tricky to get things right ALL of the time. Sometimes, I get things a little bit wrong. But it's not actually always my entire fault. Like when my too-fast-bike whizzed round a corner and I slightly-squished a...


Running Scared
"Olivia likes running - when she's doing it for fun, that is. But when her friend convinces her to join the track team, Olivia panics. She's convinced she'll come in last place, and people will make fun of...


Granny at the Park : Independent Reading Pink 1B
Reading Champion offers independent reading books for children to practise and reinforce their developing reading skills.Fantastic, original stories are accompanied by engaging artwork and a reading activity. Each book has been...


All the Families
See that dogs, bunnies, and elephants have families just like you! And just like you, these families eat when they're hungry and go to sleep when it's bedtime. Join all the families in this touching and comforting...


Baby Loves Black and White : High-Contrast Images to Stimulate Your Baby's Brain
Babies love black & white, high-contrast images! Research has shown that high-contrast images aid in infant brain development. The images in this book are designed to excite and stimulate your baby's growing mind. ...


No Room For Baby!
Leon is worried. There's a new baby penguin in his home. And though Marcel is sleeping in his crib now, he can't stay there forever. But where can they put him? Mama's arms are way too big to cuddle a tiny baby...


Star Crazy Me
A brilliant new comedy drama from Jean Ure, all about the ups and downs of seeking fame. Carmen is in Year 9 and has serious ambitions to be a rock star. She has a great voice, has taught herself to play the guitar,...


Tell Me Again about the Night I Was Born
Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell, the New York Times bestselling team behind Today I Feel Silly and I'm Gonna Like Me, bring us a tender and funny picture book for every parent and child. Tell Me Again About the Night I...


Play Ball!
This brand-new Matt Christopher baseball series follows two cousins as they make their way to the World Series of Little League Baseball. Eleven-year-old cousins who are closer than most brothers, catcher Liam McCarthy and...


Little Lizard's Family Fun
Each member of the lizard family enjoys a different hobby.


That's My Daddy!
A sturdy board book features a padded cover and rounded edges and explores some of the many things that daddies can do, including reaching up high, finding lost things and loving their children just the way they are. ...


Families Around the World
A successor to the popular Children Around the World written and illustrated by Donata Montanari, this book allows young readers to visit with fourteen children, each from a different country, to learn about their families....


Dara Palmer's Major Drama
Meet eleven-year-old Dara Palmer. She loves dancing and dreams of being a world-famous actress - which means she has to get the main part in the school play. When she doesn't get any part at all, Dara begins to wonder...


When a Dragon Moves in Again
If you build a perfect castle, a dragon will move in - and that's exactly what happens to one very lucky boy when his family gears up for some changes. The boy and his dragon bounce in their castle, duel with delight, and...


The Little Preacher
Herman had an unfortunate injury and was forced to lay in bed and think. His grandmother told him to "ask our dear Lord why He spared his life on that terrible night, since surely it was to do something for Him." Soon...


Captain Amazing, superhero and savior of Metro City, is getting old. He's out all hours battling arch-villains, catching thieves, and helping little old ladies cross the street. He doesn't even have time for his house...


The Jacqueline Wilson Christmas Cracker
The Jacqueline Wilson Christmas Cracker is packed with brilliant Christmas stories, including a brand-new tale from Jacqueline, and classic favourite Starring Tracy Beaker, in which Jacqueline's most famous heroine gets the...


Field Trip : A Branches Book
Missy's fourth book is even more super duper royal deluxe than the last one! This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line called Branches, which is aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read...


Dirt on Their Skirts : The Story of the Young Women Who Won the World Championship
You had to be really, really good to play in the 1946 championship game between the Racine Belles and the Rockford Peaches. Sitting in the stands, Margaret thrills to every crack of the bat. Someday she hopes to join her heroes...


The Wishing Club : A Story about Fractions
Petey wishes on the first star he sees, but instead of the dollar he hopes for, he gets only a quarter. The next night his little brother Joey wishes for a cookie--and gets just half of one. The twins, Sally and Samantha,...


Seventeen-year-old Stella Hamilton is the star blazing at the heart of Temperley High. Leader of the maliciously exclusive elite, she is envied and lusted after in equal measure. And in the Hamilton tradition, she is in the...


Tiny Goat in Trouble
Harry is enjoying a seaside walk with his aunt, when he spots a tinygoat on a cliff ledge. It has been separated from its mother,and the baby goat is stranded, unable to make it back up to thetop. Harry and...


Lizzie Zipmouth
Lizzie refuses to speak. She doesn t want to talk to Rory or Jake, her new stepbrothers, or Sam, their dad, or even her mum. She s totally fed up at having to join a new family and nothing can coax her into speaking to them. Not...


Stink and the Shark Sleepover
Sleepy, Sleepier, Sleepiest NOT! When Stink s parents win tickets to an aquarium sleepover for the whole family, could it be science-freak Stink s dream come true or his worst nightmare? He loves learning about sharks, but does...


Riding Lessons (an Ellen and Ned Book)
JANE SMILEY is the author of the Horses of Oak Valley Ranch series, as well as many novels for adults and three works of nonfiction. She won the Pulitzer Prize for A Thousand Acres.


Froggy's Baby Sister
Froggy's parents are expecting a new baby, and Froggy is hoping for a brother. So when his parents introduce him to Pollywogilina, his new baby sister, Froggy is disappointed. Not only is she a girl, but Polly is too little...


Kiss It Better
Every day has its ups and downsSometimes you giggle, sometimes you frown.But the thing to remember, the secret, is this . . .Everything feels better with the help of a KISS.There are go-to-sleep kisses, I'm-sorry...


Lucky Break
Leon's twin, Lenny, had the best imagination in the world. He could do a back flip from a standing start and tell rude jokes nonstop for hours. But a year ago Lenny died, and Leon's family hasn't been the same...


15 Things Not to Do with a Grandma
The hilarious follow-up to 15 Things Not to Do with a Baby has all the warmth and humor of its predecessor, focusing on the relationship between children and their granny. DON'T hide an elephant in Grandma's bed....


Que Cosas Dice Mi Abuela! : Dichos y Refranes Sobre los Buenos Modales
Using traditional Spanish-language sayings, a grandmother teaches manners to his grandchildren and their friends. A boy narrates the events of a regular day, relating along the way his grandmother's advice on manners, which...


Potty Time!
A new potty book with sound from bestselling illustrator Caroline Jayne Church! Caroline Jayne Church and her lovable illustrations have loved children through and through, shown what fun the holidays can be, and how music can...


Pinkalicious: The Pinkamazing Storybook Collection
Stay tuned for a brand-new show coming in winter 2018 to PBS Kids: Pinkalicious & Peterrific!Pinkalicious has fun, fun, fun in all six books in Pinkalicious: The Pinkamazing Storybook Collection-and her readers will, too....


Wash Day
An urge to be helpful goes awry when a pair of brothers decide to do the dishes while Dad naps. They end up washing more than dishes -- from toys to the rug to the floor to the walls. And, boy, do they get sopped! ...


Won Ton and Chopstick : A Cat and Dog Tale Told in Haiku
Won Ton has a happy life with his Boy, until...Ears perk. Fur prickles. Belly low, I creep...peek...FREEZE!My eyes full of Doom.A new puppy arrives, and nothing will be the same.Told entirely in haiku and with plenty of...


Stay! a Top Dog Story
Looking after Ben's dog, Buster, is no walk in the park. Buster is messy, he is naughty, he is EXHAUSTING! But Ben loves him more than anything. When Ben goes away, he tells Grampa exactly how to look after Buster. But has...


My Two Homes
Lenny follows Skye for a school project and learns about her life with two homes.


Ocean Pearl
"Starfish who surf together stick together." It was Ace who wrote that in Kia, Georgie, and Micki's blue booklets on the last day of camp. Yet it's Ace who's ended up ruining everything--ending the...


The Boy Who Could Do What He Liked
Written especially for WBD 2016, this is a fabulously entertaining and touching novella from David Baddiel, author of the bestselling THE PARENT AGENCY and THE PERSON CONTROLLER. Illustrated by the hugely talented Jim Field,...


What Are You Doing Sam? : A Stella and Sam Book
Stella s little brother Sam decides Fred the dog needs some new tricks. Not content with just teaching him to roll over, Sam decides to broaden Fred s horizons to include swimming, cooking, and painting. Of course, Fred finds a...


The Seeds of America Trilogy : Chains; Forge; Ashes
What would you risk to be free? It's 1776 and Isabel, Curzon, and Ruth have only ever known life as slaves. But now the young country of America is in turmoil--there are whisperings, then cries, of freedom from England...


Digger Et Daisy Vont En Pique-Nique
Meet Digger and Daisy! They are brother and sister. These dogs like to explore their world and see new things. Sometimes they agree with each other. Sometimes they disagree. But no matter the situation, one thing always stays...


Oliver's Game
Author-illustrator Matt Tavares hits the ball out of the park with a luminously illustrated tale about the joy of baseball, generational bonds, and the immutable power of dreams. Oliver Hall loves baseball. He loves the ritual...


Brother Wars
Ten-year-old Harry has a great life, except for one big problem--his older brother. Randy seems to delight in making Harry's life difficult. Sometimes it feels like he's in a war at his own house. When Randy locks him...


It's Not the End of the World
Karen's parents have always argued, and lately they've been getting worse. But when her father announces that they're going to get divorced, it seems as if Karen's whole world will fall apart. Her brother,...


Hotdogger : Book 8
Just how humdrum is 10-year-old Aldo Zelnick's life right now? So humdrum that he sets out to measure which January day will be the most boring. So humdrum that Jack and Bee succeed in getting him to try some weird hobbies....


Going West
Award-winning author Jean Van Leeuwen tells the moving story of a pioneer family during the Westward Expansion One day in early spring they packed everything they had into our wagon, and set out to find a new home. Sleeping...


A Forever Friend
Willa s best friend from Chicago comes for a visit in this fifth book of a chapter book series inspired by Marguerite Henry s "Misty of Chincoteague." Misty Inn is up and running, and the Dunlaps have a full house....


Our Grandfamily : A Flip-Sided Book about Grandchildren Being Raised by Grandparents
About the Book Our Grandfamily is an honest, yet reassuring look at the struggles and joys of living in a skip-generation family. Designed as a flip-sided book, dual stories allow readers to experience a unique type of family...


T.J.'s Secret Pitch
In his determination to pitch for his neighborhood baseball team, twelve-year-old T.J. adopts the unorthodox style of the legendary Rip Sewell.


Wedgie & Gizmo vs. the Toof


Bush Baby Rescue: Juliet, Nearly a Vet (Book 4)
Hi! I'm Juliet. I'm ten years old. And I'm nearly a vet! A terrible bushfire has struck and Mum's vet clinic is in chaos. Every day more and more injured baby animals arrive....


Poppy's Garden
The third fab book in a new series about four friends who want to make the world a better place, from best-selling author Holly Webb. There's a competition at school to come up with the best design for a section of the...


First Photo of the Royal Baby 2015
It's time for Royal Baby's First Photo! The palace is alive with excitement for the photographer to arrive... but Royal Baby isn't smiling. Read as everyone in the palace tries to make Royal Baby smile--- from the...


Nana and Papa Love You!
A really cute book written in sweet and simple rhymes: "More than a starfish jumping in the sand, or a crazy alligator in a rock and roll band." Illustrated with silly drawings, sure to make any child smile. If you...


Little Why
Unable to stay in line with the other marching elephants, Little Why struggles to pay attention in the face of such distractions as Giraffe's long-lofty legs, Wildebeest's spiny-spiky horns and Crocodile's...


Scat, Cat!
A small striped cat finds his way homeNo one wants the small striped cat who is lost. "Scat, cat!" says the dog, the bird, the barber, the baker, the bus driver, the duck, the frog, the goose, the owl, the bat, and...


The Piper's Son,
Two years after his favourite uncle was blown to bits in a London Tube station, Tom has hit rock bottom. He's quit uni and turned his back on his music and everyone that once mattered to him, including the girl he...


Fairy Mom and Me
Fans of Sophie Kinsella's sparkling humor will love her first ever illustrated series for young readers about the charming adventures of a mother-daughter fairy duo!Ella Brook can't wait to grow up, because one day...


Freaky Fast Frankie Joe
When twelve-year-old Frankie Joe's mother is sent to jail, he is uprooted from his home in Texas to live with the father he has never met, his father's wife, and his father's four "legitimate" sons in...


Khatawat Boby Al Oula


Love Is Both Wave and Particle
This achingly beautiful novel considers how to measure love when it has the power to both save and destroy.Levon Grady and Samantha Vash are both students at an alternative high school for high-achieving but troubled teens....


Splat the Cat: Big Reading Collection
Splat the Cat is back with five hilarious I Can Read adventures in a travel-ready carrying case with its own handle--that's better than fish sticks and ice cream!This set includes: Splat the Cat Sings FlatSplat the Cat:...


The Stranger Game
The Stranger Game is a dark, suspenseful, and twisty novel that is Gone Girl for teens. Perfect for fans of Lauren Oliver and E. Lockhart.When Nico Morris's older sister mysteriously disappears, her parents, family, and...


Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit
Amber Brown is in deep trouble. Lately, no matter what she does, it isn't enough. She straightens up her room?sort of. She does her homework?well, most of it. And she agrees to meet Max, her mother's new boyfriend?but...


A moving story of a three-legged stray dog who finds a loving boy to call his own--illustrated by Caldecott Honor Book artist E.B. Lewis. Based on a true story. Trouper ran with a mob of mutts who tripped over trash cans and...


Chasing Augustus
Rosie must get Augustus back. He may be a big, sloppy dog and her grandpa Harry says he can't live in the flat, but he forgets how much you can love a dog. He is the true-blue friend of Rosie's soul and she will do...


Hubble Bubble: The Super Spooky Fright Night
Three more stories of magical mayhem in one beautifully produced book!


Take Heart, My Child : A Mother's Dream
In the tradition of Emily Winfield Martin's The Wonderful Things You Will Be and Nancy Tillman's On The Night You Were Born, popular FOX news anchor Ainsley Earhardt's lyrical lullaby inspires children to follow...


Your Aunt and Uncle Love You!
A sweet, rhyming book about how much your aunt and uncle love you! Your niece or nephew is sure to enjoy this sweet and simple rhyming picture book about how much you love them! Illustrated with fun, silly pictures that are sure...


What Is Real
Dex Pratt's life has been turned upside down. His parents have divorced and his mother has remarried. When his father attempts suicide and fails, Dex returns to their small town to care for him. But he's not prepared...


El Abuelo Ya No Duerme en el Armario
A veces los grandes momentos llegan de un modo inesperado, eso lo sabe Alejandro, un nino que nunca imagino que a traves de los juegos y las fabulosas historias inventadas por su abuelo, pasaria uno de los mejores cumpleanos de...


Roscoe Riley Rules #7: Never Race a Runaway Pumpkin
Pumpkin ContestIf Roscoe guesses the weight of a giant pumpkin, he'll be a winner! Easy, right? But a little black cat keeps trying to cross his path! Will the bad-luck kitty ruin Roscoe's chance to win?...


Henry and Mudge and the Great Grandpas
Henry (and of course Mudge) loves to visit Great Grandpa Bill. He lives in a house with a lot of other granpas who like to play with a little boy and his dog. But when Henry discovers a swimming pond near the granpas'...


My Stick Family : Helping Children Cope with Divorce
Billy feels angry, confused, and sad. His parents don't live together anymore  they have gotten a divorce. His deepest wish is for his mom, dad, and little brother Alec to live together as a family again. In this tender...


My Life as a Bee
A little bee shares photos and memories of growing up and his flying lessons with his father and grandfather.


El abuelo
This innovative series grew out of a desire to provide all children with the opportunity to see themselves within the books they are reading and to identify with the children and families they see. The diversity of today's...


Yoko Tsuno: Devil's Organ 8
Travelling down the Rhine, Yoko and her friends save a young stranger from drowning. Sensing foul play, the young Japanese girl decides to stay with her new friend Ingrid and investigate the unusual circumstances. There, amidst...


The Berenstain Bears Under the Sea
The Berenstain Bears dive under the ocean to discover life below the waves! The family meets flying fish, dolphins, sharks, and giant squid while getting a close-up look at undersea plants in this remarkable learning adventure....


Twins in the Park
Pre-Level 1: Recognizing Words - Word repetition - Familiar words and phrases - Simple sentences Read along as the twins spend a fun-filled day at the park!


Doodlebug : A Novel in Doodles
Moving is tough. Being the new kid in school is even tougher. But the hardest thing of all about the move that Doreen "Dodo" Bussey's family is making is that she suspects it might be because of her. She got into...


I Hate Everything!: A Book About Feeling Angry
Sam is having a bad day and nothing is going right. Dad is too busy to play with him, he doesn't like his lunch and he doesn't enjoy Archie's party. Can Aunt Jen help him to stop feeling so angry This series...


The Day My Mom Came to Kindergarten
?I liked kindergarten from the very 1st day, ? begins the narrator of this very funny and touching picture book. However, she notices, ?My mom was happy for me, of course, but I got the feeling that she was also a little sad? to...


The Voyageurs Paddle
Voyageur is the French word for "traveler," but in the Great Lakes region during the seventeenth century it described those men who made their living trading furs and goods along water routes. Traveling by canoe, these...


Spelling Queen
Kylie Jean wants to win the Spelling Bee.


My Oh So Fancy Nana
My Oh So Fancy Nana is about a very fancy grandmother who finds herself reminding her darling grandchildren of good manners. This book is a great tool for parents, grandparents, and teachers who are looking to teach cooperative...


The Girl Who Swallowed the Sun
On the outside, Zoe looks like an ordinary little girl, but her father knows just how special she is inside. On cloudy days, they pretend that she has swallowed the sun, and then together Zoe and her father put it back up in the...


The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish
"I'll swap you my dad," I said."Oh-oh," said my little sister.What if you wanted your best friend's two goldfish so much that you'd swap anything for them, even your father?What if your...


Are You My Mother?
Back in 1957, Theodor Geisel responded to an article in Life magazine that lamented the use of boring reading primers in schools. Using the pseudonym of "Dr. Seuss" (Seuss was Geisel's middle name) and only two...


Amber Brown Sees Red
Amber Brown has a lot on her mind--her mom is engaged and her father is moving back to the United States. Her parents fight every time they talk on the phone--and Amber is caught in the middle.


Claire's Unbearable Campout
Claire and her family are off on another adventure. This time they are heading to the Rocky Mountains for a camping trip. Three days with her twin brothers Chuck and Eddie always has its challenges, but Claire hopes they...


Sea Otter Pup
Follow along as Pup learns how to eat spiky sea urchins, somersault beneath the waves and groom himself. He still needs a lot of help from Mother, but one day Pup will be old enough to dive down below the waves and search for...


Amber Brown Sees Red
Amber Brown's going through a growth spurt . . . and her body's not the only thing that's changing. Her mom and Max are engaged. Her dad is moving back from Paris. And now her school's overrun by skunks, and...


Hangin' with Mimi!
A really cute, sweet and simple book about how much fun it is hanging out with Mimi... "Hangin' out with Mimi is a special kind of fun. We do all kinds of crazy things, like dancing in the sun! Sometimes we chase the...


The Forever Boy
Bruno had seen it all. Five foster homes in his short life. He hoped he could stay with the Browns. They were cool people. He knew he was too old at 10 to be adopted and find his forever family. But Eva and Martin were so nice?a...


The Children of Noisy Village
In the middle of the countryside there are three farms, all in a row. Everybody calls them Noisy Village because the children who live there are very noisy indeed! Join the adventures of Lisa and her friends, where walking home...


Ramona Forever
Life can move pretty fast--especially when you're in the third grade, your teenage sister's moods drive you crazy, and your mom has a suspicious secret she just won't share. Plus, Mr. Quimby's new job offer...


Dear America: When Will This Cruel War Be Over?
Acclaimed author Barry Denenberg's WHEN WILL THIS CRUEL WAR BE OVER? is now back in print with a gorgeous new package! The peaceful, traditional Southern life that Emma Simpson and her family know is shattered when the...


The Sweetness of Salt
Julia just graduated as her high school valedictorian, has a full ride to college in the fall and a coveted summer internship clerking for a federal judge. But when her older sister, Sophie, shows up at the graduation determined...


God Gave Us Family
Little Pup's wolf family is on their way to a special reunion--with lots of cousins, games, roasting marshmallows, and fun! As the young wolf thinks about different kinds of families, it's the perfect opportunity for...


Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself
Sally J. Freedman loves making up stories - stories in which she is always the star of her own lavish film spectaculars. But when her close-knit family is separated because of her brother's illness, even Sally's...


Grammy's Hugs
"Grammy thought she knew everything to know about love until her beautiful granddaughter came along. On that first day the grandmother promised she would hug her for the rest of her life-and so she did. Hugging her as a...


Dear Vincent
Powerful YA novel by an award-winning writer about a teenager coming to terms with the suicide of her sister. /bDear Vincent is also a novel about the power of love, and how the acquisition of inner peace requires forgiveness of...


Sheila Rae, the Brave
Written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes, the nationally bestselling and celebrated creator of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, Owen, and Kitten's First Full Moon, Shelia Rae, the Brave is a warm, humorous, and loving...


Daddy Will Always Love and Protect You
Daddy Will Always Love and Protect You illustrates a father's love for his kids. There are so many books on the market that illustrate the relationships between moms and kids, but very few for dads. Being a dad is one of...


Charlie Bumpers vs. the Really Nice Gnome
Charlie Bumpers has his heart set on playing the role of the evil Sorcerer in the fourth grade play. He's even got the laugh down pat: Mwa-ha-ha-ha! But his dreams of villainous stardom go up in smoke when he finds out that...


Marley Steals the Show
Meet Marley, a dog like no other!Marley's family has big hopes when they enter him in the local pet show, but things don't go as planned. From grooming disasters to chaos backstage, this is one event the town will...


A Series of Unfortunate Events #1-4 Netflix Tie-In Box Set
NOW A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIESDon't be fooled by the new, Netflix-inspired book covers of the first four books in this New York Times bestselling series.The events recounted in this four-book box set (which includes The...


Lucky Dog : Twelve Tales of Rescued Dogs
A collection of short stories from favorite authors, all about dogs and the kids who love them. Proceeds will be donated to RedRover, an organization that helps animals in need! This collection is full of heartwarming and...


Boomer (the Puppy Place #37)
Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. Their family fosters these young dogs, giving them love and proper care, until they can find the perfect forever home.Lizzie's mom has three of her best friends coming over to...


Fenway and Hattie Up to New Tricks
Fenway's dog's-eye-view of the world is as enthusiastic as ever, but his favorite short human is not acting the way he expects--and he doesn't like it one bit! Fenway's life is pretty great, except for the...


Papaw Loves You!
A really cute book written in sweet and simple rhymes: "More than a starfish jumping in the sand, or a crazy alligator in a rock and roll band." Illustrated with silly drawings, sure to make any child smile. If you...


The Menino : A Story Based on Real Events
A book for babies and their parents about the whole new world that they both encounter when the baby arrives. When the new baby arrives, both the baby and the parents are in for a steep learning curve. In this book, born out of...